Sunday, April 11, 2010

Non-Fiction Monday: Fiction vs. Non-fiction

A quick idea for getting kids to recognize the difference between fiction and non-fiction books.  My older students will be helping their Kindergarten buddies with this task on Thursday.

Students receive a copy of a Scholastic book order pamphet.  With a partner (or their little buddy), students discuss each book, and decide whether it is fiction or non-fiction and how they know.  Students then cut out the book picture and glue it onto a chart - one side being labeled fiction, the other non-fiction.  My students will be a big help in the cutting and gluing department, and I hope they will be able to coach their little buddy in deciding which category each book belongs in.

This idea would fit into the lessons for teaching the Reading Power strategy 'Zoom In.'

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  1. This sounds like a great idea! I just read your post on lit circles, as well, and agree - it is such an important piece of reading workshop. We're on our third lit circle cycle of the year - it's always such a success. Books I love: "Dovey Coe", "Drums,Girls and Dangerous Pie", "Flipped", "firegirl", "Schooled" and "Olive's Ocean".

  2. I'll have to look a couple of those up...I have read a few of them, but I am looking for some more books to add into my lit circles for the next round. Schooled has been on my list to read for sometime. Thanks.