Thursday, July 22, 2010

Poetry Friday: Round Up

So, I've been away, but I have the round-up for this week.  Please add your links...I am on the West Coast, and I will be updating in the early please check back to see the list!

Little Willow has posted a great (and well-known) monologue from Hamlet at Bildungsroman.

Laura at all things poetry continues her series of religious poems with a lovely poem by Vittoria Colonna

At Wistful Wanderings, Allison has posted a poem about the rush of the roller coaster, and she wants to remind us all to take a look at the side bar on her blog to find out about and participate in the current Creativity Challenge.

Tabatha Yeats has a historical piece about an Acadian Girl titled, Evangline: A Tale of Acadie at Tabatha Yeats: The Opposite of Indifference.

At Author Amok, Laura continues her 50 state tour of the Poet Laureates.  She is in Washington this week, where the position of poet laureate is 'temporarily suspended.  She shares a poem by Sam Green about the act of writing poetry.

Laura Salas has two poems for us today.  She has a poem written by her daughter Rebecca Kai Dotlich here, and Poems in 15 words or less here.

Ruth at There is no such thing as a God-forsaken town has a beautiful translation of Izumi Shikibu's Although the Wind...

Live. Love. Explore with Irene Latham has One Art for us...which happens to be about 'The art of losing things," an art I know I have perfected...

Jama at Alphabet Soup has Word Tasting for us today here.

What do we need?  Mary Lee has a poem for us about just that at A Year of Reading.

The Poem Farm has the 9th poem in a series of poems about poems.  How very appropriate is it that this weeks post is simply titled: Poem.

Linda at Write Time has another object poem titled 'Miss Myrtle's Table for us this week here.

The Stenhouse Blog has a powerful poem - Cincinnati by Mitsuye Yamada here.

Sally of Paper Tigers blog has a book review of Canadian Poems for Canadian Kids here.  Being that I am a Canadian Teacher, I am particularly intrigued by this book...Sometimes good Canadian content is hard to find!

The Goose has two poem postings this week - one about RAIN for kids at the FATHER GOOSE blog and one about TIME for grownups at the BALD EGO blog.  Take a moment to take a look at both of them!

Wild Rose Reader has an original poem for us this week. (I always admire bloggers who post their original poems... I am still much to self-conscious to put my poems out on the Internet).  Check out Elaine's Things to Do if You Are a Mountain.

Ben has an intriguing E.E. Cummings poem for us today: [as freedom is a breakfast food].  This one is great, but be sure to give it the time it deserves...

Heidi M of My Juicy Little Universe has a gut-wrenching piece called "Prayer for the Man Who Mugged My Father, 72," here.

Janet S. offers us a review of Absolutely Wild written by Dennis Webster and illustrated by his daughter, Kim Webster Cunningham - it is a collection of 16 poems celebrating a variety of wild animals complemented by hand-colored linoleum prints.  The link is here.

Liz in Ink has a poem by Carrie Fountain from her National Poetry Prize winning book here.

Gregory K. has some Fib news for us and is Fibbing on a Poetry Friday.

Did I skip you?  Did I copy the link wrong?  Please let me know!  Have a Great Weekend!