Monday, February 1, 2010

Introducing a New Blog...

Well, I have been thinking of starting a blog with an educational focus for awhile now.  My last attempt with blogging started out alright, but sort of fizzled when I started working full-time.  It was fantastic when I was a TOC, but lately I can't even get dinner on the table and show up to work in clean clothes, so I am not sure how blogging will work out.  (My last blog was a gardening blog - and I haven't given it up forever...)

I am hoping this will be a place where I discuss successes and failures from my classroom with regards to eaching literacy skills, and a love of literature to my middle-school aged students.  I am also currently working on my MEd in Middle Years Language and Literacy, so I hope to write a few posts on exciting things I learn and come across as I take part in this program.  I hope "Books We Love" will be a regular posting topic that my students will help contribute to in order to share books that grab the attention of middle years students.


  1. Welcome to your new blog! In case you didn't make it back to our blog comments to find your answer, I thought I'd let you know here that I put out a call for the next few months worth of hosts for the Poetry Friday roundup in my post last week. I'll be glad to put you on the schedule -- you'd probably like a summer Friday so you're not teaching and so you can have a chance to build up content on your blog and start participating in Poetry Friday to see how it goes. You can contact me off blog at mlhahn AT earthlink DOT net.

  2. The first three Fridays in July are already taken. You can have the last Friday of June or the fourth Friday of July (there are 5 this year).

    It's sure easier to have these conversations outside of blog comments. You can let me know your preference by emailing me: mlhahn AT earthlink DOT net.